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Check whether directory is on current MATLAB path

version 1.2 (3.36 KB) by Rody Oldenhuis
Small low-level utility to check whether (list of) directories is/are on the current search path


Updated 02 May 2020

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ISONPATH checks if given directory is on the current MATLAB path. Vectorized in the sense that it accepts cell-arrays of strings.
y = ISONPATH(dirs) for string [dirs] checks whether the specified directory is on the MATLAB search path. The output [y] is a logical scalar equal to 'true' when the directory is on the path, 'false' otherwise.

In case [dirs] is a cell array of strings, the same check is performed for each entry in [dirs]. In this case, the output [y] is a logical array the same size as [dirs].

Note that a case-INsensitive comparison is used on windows platforms, while exact case match is required for Linux/Mac platforms.

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Rody Oldenhuis (2020). Check whether directory is on current MATLAB path (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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@JanSimon: thanks for the heads up, I really should check this stuff more carefully.


You define the license as: "GPL + anything implied by placing it on the FEX". But the BSD license required for the FEX and GPL are not compatible. This legal stuff is bewildering.

@Thierry: that is true, but have a look at 'edit ismember'... It's basically a much more complicated version of my little loop. I went for the simpler solution.

For windows this could be shortened/vectorized to the 2 lines:



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