Matlab interface for Gregory Snider's 1D Poisson solver. File import and simulation scripting.
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onedp - Matlab interface for Gregory Snider's 1D Poisson solver
Version 1.0 - 12/15/2015
Matlab interface for Gregory Snider's 1D Poisson solver. File import
and simulation scripting.


These functions are useful for running 1D Schrodinger-Poisson
calculations using Gregory Snider's free solver.

There are two useful functionalities in this software. The first is the
ability to easily import the simulation results files. This is a pretty
straightforward implementation of file reading.

The second most useful part of this toolbox is the ability to automate
running simulations. Using this, the text menus do not need to be used
and many simulations can be automatically generated and run. This
functionality relies on applescript, and so will only work with Mac OS.
A similar implementation can probably be performed in other OS.

The functions are prefixed with 'odp' which stands for 'one-dimensional


To setup, you need to install the 1D Poisson program. This can be
downloaded from

Move the downloaded files into the system's Applications folder, i.e.
the application files should be in the directory:
/Applications/'1D Poisson'

Set the directory where your simulation files will be kept using the
text file '1DPoi_pref.txt'

When writing a simulation file, a commented line before each 2D layer
can be used to name the layer. This will show up in the generated plots


odp_checkStatus - throw warning if simulation had issues
odp_importOutfile - import '_Out.txt' file
odp_importSimulation - import all generated simulation files
odp_importStatus - import the status file
odp_importWave - import wavefunction file
odp_plotBandStructure - plot band structrue
odp_plotGroundState - plot ground state wavefunctions
odp_processSimulation - check status, import, plot band structure
odp_readStructure - import the layer information from the simulation file
odp_runPoisson - run Poisson solver
odp_runSchrodingerPoisson - run Poisson and Schrodinger solver
odp_start1DPoisson - interactive 1D Poisson solving through console


SF01.txt is an example input file.
SF01* are example simulation files generated by 1D poisson.

Todd Karin

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Todd Karin (2024). onedp (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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