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MFA with Tikhonov Regularization

version (833 KB) by hernan gonzalez
MFA with a different type of pseudoinverse


Updated 27 Feb 2018

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Metabolic Flux Analysis can estimate the different unmeasured metabolites from the measured ones, even with the experimental data with a normal distribution. By the way, if we have a overdeterminated system, we need a different kind of inverse to solve it. The Moore–Penrose pseudoinverse seems pretty good, but we cant prove if the pseudoinverse really exist most of the times, so this code have a Tikhonov Regularization, useful in several cases when the regular pseudoinverse doesnt exist.

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Use it , no matter for what !

Can I get the source code for tiknonov and tsvd regularization for image deblurring.


New version with excel import/export.
Feel free to use the way you want it (no need to ask).

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