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version (10.8 MB) by David Groppe
MATLAB & Bash Scripts for localizing and interactivity visualizing intracranial electrode data


Updated 26 Jun 2018

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Open-source software for intracranial electrode localization and visualization

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David Groppe

@Mario Can you send this bug to the iELVis user's group?!forum/ielvis-users

It would be easier to try to fix the problem there.


Dear David,

Thanks a lot for this nice tool.
I have implemented iELVIS and it is already up running, with the example though. However, when running my subjects the electrodes are completely misplaced and I get Post Brain Shifts Distances up to 60 mm. I have traced back the error to a misalignment problem in the surfaces generated by Freesurfer. More precisely, the ?h.pial-outer-smoothed generated by localGI is shifted from the ?h.pial generated by recon-all. I am used FS 6.0.0, which uses an updated SearchProjectionOnPial.m function, recon-all -localGI works without errors.

Do you maybe know what could be the origin of the misalignment?

Thanks in advance,

David Groppe

Thanks very much for the feedback, John. pial2AvgBrain.m is the old name of sub2AvgBrain.m. I simply neglected to update check_IELVisInstall.m. I just fixed the bug and updated the repo.


Amazing contribution!

Quick question, I'm getting an error for the pial2AvgBrain function. It doesn't seem that the function file is in the .zip. Also, I couldn't locate it in the Github repository. It's called on line 79 in the check_iELVisIntall.m file.



Proximal tissue density index code added

Wiki url updated.

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