Teaching Calculus with Matlab

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Collection of interactive demos illustrating fundamental topics in calculus.
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Teaching Calculus with Matlab (TCM) provides a collection of interactive demos which illustrate fundamental topics in calculus. They can be used by lecturers in classrooms to explain basic principles, but also by students at home to deepen their understanding by exploring pre- and self-defined examples.
TCM is an ongoing project so that the set of demos will grow steadily in the near future. Currently, the following topics are covered:
* Newton's Method
* Mean Value Theorem
* Rational Function Analysis
* Steepest Descent
* Derivative and Tangent
* Polynomial Interpolation
* Taylor Approximation
* Tangent Plane
* Fixed Point Iteration
* Real Fourier Series
* Riemann Integral
* Bivariate Gauss Quadrature
* Critical Points of Bivariate Polynomials
* Global Extrema of Bivariate Polynomials on a Rectangle
* Constrained Minimization of a Polynomial
* Linear Programming
Installing the AutoDiff toolbox is recommended for ease of use, but not mandatory.
For more information, visit the TCM homepage at https://pnp.mathematik.uni-stuttgart.de/imng/TCM/.

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new website


All demos are now collected in a single toolbox. The command TCM opens a user interface for convenient selection of topics.

new demo: Linear Programming

New Demo: Constrained Minimization of a Polynomial

new demo: Critical Points of Bivariate Polynomials

2 new demos and minor bug fixes for older demos

new demo: Riemann Integral

new demo: Real Fourier Series

added 2 new demos: Tangent Plane and Fixed Point Iteration

Added new demo: Taylor approximation