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version 1.2 (21.5 KB) by Rody Oldenhuis
Give a professional look to a set of tasks


Updated 03 May 2020

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Make doing a bunch of simple tasks look professional.
Task progress display will adapt to the width of the command window, and will adjust the color depending on successful/unsuccessful task exit status.

Tasks can be grouped in sub-tasks, sub-sub-tasks etc. Such task groups can be configured to be atomic (either ALL pass, or the whole group fails), or non-atomic (task execution will continue even if some have failed).

Run Task_DEMO.m for a demonstration.
The documentation is still very sparse; I'm just publishing to get it out there.

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Rody Oldenhuis (2020). Task (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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@StephenForczyk: silly namespace error in the demo - fixed in v1.2

Tried to run and got this error
Undefined function or variable 'Task'.

Error in Task_DEMO (line 12)
T = Task('Running demo task 0/A (does nothing)',...
The main Task folder is in the path but the class library is not



See release notes for this release on GitHub:


See release notes for this release on GitHub:

No code changes; just updated the FEX page title

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