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Matrix plotting

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Plot using single 2 x n (or 3 x n) matrices as inputs instead of x, y, (and z) vectors.


Updated 21 Nov 2017

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plotm was created so you can stop doing things like this:
plot(M(1,:),M(2,:)) or plot3(M(1,:),M(2,:),M(3,:)).
and start doing things like this:

plotm works by separating any matrix with two or more rows into vectors. The vectors are passed to plot for 2 x n and to plot3 for 3 x n. If no inputs have multiple rows, plotm calls plot.

Scalars and row vectors (including handles, Name/Value pairs, LineSpecs, etc.) are preserved and passed to the plotting functions. For example, plotm(M1,'or',M2,'xb').

The equivalent function for line, linem, is also included.

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Sky Sartorius (2020). Matrix plotting (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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