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This function contains a GUI that wraps download scripts for several Bible translations. This involves downloading publicly available web pages and then stripping the html or json files down to only the Bible text itself. This is then written to a UTF8 text file. This function can also run with the free 'mostly Matlab-compatible program' Octave (version 4.2.1).
The creation of this function was motivated by the research into readability of Dutch Bible translations, which I did when writing a book together with a friend. This book ('Door de bomen van het Bijbelwoud') now has an accompanying website:

Available Bible translations:
ASV: American Standard Version
KJV: King James Version
NASB: New American Standard Version
WEB: World English Bible
LS1910: Luis Segond (1910)
RV1602: Reina Valera (1602)
BB: de Basisbijbel
BGT: de Bijbel in Gewone Taal
GNB: Groot Nieuws Bijbel
HB: Het Boek
HSV: de Herziene Statenvertaling
NB: de Naardense Bijbel
NBG51: de Nieuwe Vertaling (1951)
NBV: de Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling
NWv2004: de Nieuwe-Wereldvertaling (2004)
NWv2017: de Nieuwe Wereldvertaling (2017)
SV1637: de Statenvertaling (1637, original version)
SV1750: de Statenvertaling (1750)
SV73: de Statenvertaling (1973, revision by the GBS)
SV77: de Statenvertaling (1977, revisie by the NBG)
WV75: de Willibrordvertaling

---- Disclaimer: ----
Under Dutch law, downloading a copy of a copyright protected work is allowed if you are a natural person (i.e. a human, and not acting for a corporation) and the copy is for personal (home) use only, under the condition that you already own an otherwise legally acquired copy. Adding the file mentioned below to the main folder means you have read this disclaimer, agree to it, and assume full legal responsibility for the use of this script and the files it generates.
WARNING: The law of your jurisdiction might be different. It may prohibit the use of this script or set different requirements.
You must agree to these requirements by creating a file with this name (in the same folder as this function):
'I hereby declare I will only use this script if and only if it is legal for me to do so.txt'
If you do not create this file, you will only be able to download public domain translation.
--- ---

This submission uses the Wayback Machine API, and a selection of scripts from JSONlab (which are collated into a single file). Both are included as separate files.

Matlab: should work on all releases (tested on R2018a, R2012b and R6.5)
Octave: tested on 4.2.1
OS: written on Windows 10 (64bit), Octave tested on a virtual (32bit) Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, should work for Mac

For a description of the .bible file format, see the included help text. The get_bible_text function in the additional_functions folder can be used to easily extract a verse or passage from a .bible file.

(The URL for Genesis 1 is given for each translation. See the code itself for more details about the pattern for each translation.)

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See release notes for this release on GitHub:

-edited metadata and descriptions
-fixed various small bugs

-added NASB
-restructured submission and added additional/alpha functions
-fixed bug with WBM syntax
-removed footnote contents from versions

-resolved code typos

-added GNB
-fixed issue with Mal 4 missing in some translations
-resolved a few small bugs

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Per visualizzare o segnalare problemi su questo componente aggiuntivo di GitHub, visita GitHub Repository.