Battery-Supercapacitor Hybrid Storage system

Energy management for Stand-alone Photovoltaic Battery-Supercapacitor Hybrid Storage System
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In order to store the excess power produced throughout the duration of high irradiances, or as to maintain a stable supply of power to fulfill the load demand during low irradiances, an Energy Storage System (ESS) is employed. Conventional energy storage systems consisted of banks of batteries capable of storing and delivering continuous power to the load. However the high energy density characterising the batteries making them a perfect choice for steady power supply, supplying a large burst of current from the battery degrades its lifetime. An alternative solution is to combine batteries with high power density source capable of supplying the burst transient current such as super capacitor. In such a hybrid system, the battery fulfills the supply of continuous energy while the super capacitor provides the supply of instant power to the load. The system proposed in this model is a Stand-alone Photovoltaic Battery-Supercapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System. An energy management technique is proposed as to control the supply and storage of energy throughout the system.

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