Number Game for Kids

A game that helps improve quantitative capacity of kids by making them arrange sets of numbers in ascending order
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The MATLAB file you should run is named Mira1.m

When you run this MATLAB file, the game interface will show up with four numbers that you have to arrange in ascending order.
Each of the numbers can be moved to the left by clicking on it. This way you can move the numbers until you get the four numbers arranged in ascending order.

Once you feel that the numbers have been arranged in ascending order, click the ‘Check’ button, and you will be informed whether or not you got the arrangement done correctly.
If you get the arrangement done correctly, a green button will show up and you get more points. If you don’t get the arrangement done correctly, a red button shows up and you lose points.

You can also play with higher numbers by increasing the level of the game. If you get the arrangement done correctly in higher level games, you will also get more points; otherwise you will also lose more points.

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Daniel Okoh (2024). Number Game for Kids (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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