MATLAB to OpenVINO (Intel-Inteference)

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Deploy and optimise your trained model to Intel Processor
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Overview :

If you train your deep learning network in MATLAB, you may use OpenVINO to accelerate your solutions in Intel®-based accelerators (CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and VPUs) . However, this script don't compare OpenVINO and MATLAB's deployment Option (MATLAB Coder, HDL coder), instead, it will only give you the rough idea how to complete it (MATLAB>OpenVINO) in technical perspective.

Refers to the the link below to understand OpenVINO:

Highlights :
Deep Learning and Prediction
How to export deep learning model to ONNX format
How to deploy a simple classification application in OpenvinoR4 (Third-party software)

Product Focus :
Deep Learning Toolbox
Openvino R4 (Third-party Software)

Written at 28 January 2018

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