3 Ways to Work with Microsoft® Azure® Storage Blob

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In MATLAB®, you can read and write data to and from a remote location, such as cloud storage in Amazon S3™ (Simple Storage Service), Microsoft® Azure® Storage Blob, and Hadoop® Distributed File System (HDFS™).

I found there are no proper documentation to explain the full workflow especially the configuration in cloud storage side. This example use Microsoft® Azure® Storage Blob to demonstrate 3 ways working with MATLAB.

The 3 Ways :
1) a) Downloading CSV file using HTTPS
b) Read image using HTTPS
2) Use WASB to access the location of data for reading and writting (MathWorks documentation)
3) MATLAB File Exchange - MATLAB interface for Windows Azure Blob Storage (WASB) provided by Siva Nadarajah

Highlights :
Downloading data using HTTPS
Accessing the storage using WASB, it allows for datastore and tall array.

Product Focus :
Azure Account (Third-Party Platform)

Written at 28 June 2019

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