Activity Coefficient Solver for Electrolyte Solutions

It solves the Mean Ionic Activity coefficient of aqueous electrolytes solutions at 298 K using the Newton-Raphson iterative method.
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The solvent here is water and the temperature is 298 K. The program employs the Newton-Raphson method for nonlinear equations in solving for the cation concentration (CC) and activity coefficient (AC). There are two options to choose: Acid/Base dissociation (solves for the degree of dissociation) and Solubility (solves for solubility). This program accounts for the ionic strength of other electrolytes present (salt effect) and if there are any common ions present in the solution (both as user input). The two equations available are Debye-Huckel Limiting equation and Davies' equation.

*The image is courtesy of Thomas Engel and Philip Reid in their book: "Physical Chemistry (3rd ed.)."

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Robby Ching (2024). Activity Coefficient Solver for Electrolyte Solutions (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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