Conversion of UTM Coordinates to Spherical Coordinates

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Little GUI allows you convert UTM coordinates to spherical coordinates.


Updated 5 Sep 2006

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0. Syntax:[long,lonm,lons,latg,latm,lats,Direction] = UTMIP(instruccion)

1. With this little routine, you can get the transformation or the conversion of UTM coordinates to spherical coordinates, you can choose different ellipsoids to execute the conversion.

2. Inputs:
x, y, utm zone, and hemisphere.

3. Outputs:
Latitude, Longitude and the reference of the Longitude.

4. Notes:
It's only necessary to run the function.
I designed the window in order to display in a screen of 1024 x 768.
This is the "inverse problem" of Spherical coordinates to UTM coordinates. You can also see the routine:
Conversion of Spherical Coordinates to UTM Coordinates, on Matlab Central -File Exchange, ID File: 8043.

5. Referents:
Page of Gabriel Ortiz.

Author: Gabriel Ruiz Martinez, Civil Engineer .
If you'll detect any mistake or bug, may you communicate me?
%September 2006
I added the lines 305 and 308.

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Gabriel Ruiz-Martinez (2022). Conversion of UTM Coordinates to Spherical Coordinates (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Inspired by: Conversion of Spherical Coordinates to UTM Coordinates

Inspired: utm2deg

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