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Set up and interact with busy MATLAB graphics.
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Control Panel (app) Features
- (Group Visibility tab) Toggle the visibility of chart objects in a figure by group
- (Plot Browser tab) See the hierarchy of ALL objects in a figure (the built-in Plot Browser does not show hggroup objects). Inspect and change properties of multiple objects by multiselecting nodes in the tree, right-clicking in the tree window, and clicking 'Inspect'.
How To Use Control Panel
1. Call the function 'setgroups' with a vector of chart object handles and a cell vector of 'groups' to pack each object with its grouping info. See the help comments for more info.
2. Call the app 'controlpanel' with a figure handle to link a Control Panel with a figure. Optionally, set the 'Targets' parameter with the same vector of chart object handles as above to enable the Group Visibility tab.
setgroups: R2016b or later
controlpanel: R2020b or later

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Zachary (2024). ControlPanel (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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Creato con R2020b
Compatibile con R2016b e release successive
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Windows macOS Linux
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Versione Pubblicato Note della release

setgroups.m: Fixed bug that occurred when an inputted group was an empty numeric [].


setgroups.m: Groups can now be mixed datatype as long as all datatypes are convertible to strings, i.e. numerics, character vectors, categoricals, and logicals.


Updated help comments of in setgroups.m to clarify its syntax and input argument rules.


fixed compatibility bug with 'setgroups' and R2016b


set toolbox compatibility to R2016b or later because 'setgroups' is compatible with earlier releases even though 'controlpanel' isn't.


fixed version # in installation file to match version # on FileExchange


This is the 1st release.