Controllers for Thorlabs PM100d

Controllers for basic use of the thorlabs PM100d power meters
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These are controllers for the thorlabs pm100d power meter, allowing you to:
-measure power
-set calibration wavelength
-get calibration wavelength
Please note, in order to get this matlab code working, you should first ensure that the thorlabs optical power meter utility software runs and can communicate with your power meter.
The thorlabs optical power meter utility version 5.4 can be downloaded at:
You may have to download and install Visa 17 from national instruments (free), at this location:
Once those programs are downloaded and installed, test that you can communicate with your power meter using the thorlabs optical power meter utility. If you can, then use that software to find the usb board number, which should look similar to this: USB0::0x1313::0x8078::P0004854::INSTR. The number comes up in a pop up when you turn the power meter utility on.
Once you have your usb board number, you will want to edit it into the if statement in line 62 of the thorpm100d_findinstrument function.
I recommend adding the functions to your matlab path if you intend to use them in a lab setting.

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