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Number of first days of the month equals to Mondays
Hello guys, I have an assignment that states: "Write a function called day_counter that returns the number of Mondays that fe...

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The function move_me is defined like this: function w = move_me(v,a). The first input argument v is a row-vector, while a is a scalar. The function moves every element of v that is equal to a to the end of the vector.
Hi, This answer might be helpful: function w= move_me(v,a) % The first input argument v is a row-vector, while a is a s...

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c0 and x are scalars, c - vector, and p - scalar. If c is [ ], then p = c0. If c is a scalar, then p = c0 + c*x . Else, p =
Here is my solution: function p = poly_val(c0,c,x) format long n=(1:1:length(c)); c=c(:)' & This part converts any array...

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How do you have a logical operator of true and false as your type but 0 and 1 as your value?
Hi Alexandra, Maybe another alternative would be: function [isEligible]=eligible( v,q ) Your_Output_Name= v>88 && q>...

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