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i need help with bwboundaries function
Hi, Follow this example for drawing boundaries in the image img1 = imread('your image'); img2=im2bw(img1,graythresh(img1)); ...

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Hie guys, when i run matlab code, it displays characters from a vehicles number plate but it is saving only the last letter of the number plate in a text document. the number plate has seven characters( 3 letters and four numbers)
Try changing the sensitivity of "bwareaopen" function in the line -> picture = bwareaopen(picture,30); instead of 30 try greate...

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How to apply my image preprocessing for AlexNet?
Hi David Bielenberg , I am using alexnet trained model it seems you are doing training in wrong way, while training we should f...

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How to implement PCA to differentiate the signals from each other.
Hi i have 88345x4 data set of fault and healthy gearbox, now how do i apply PCA for this data set and how can i differentiate th...

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Feature extraction from a signal and classification
hi everyone can anyone tell me how to extract features using PCA for a signal ,i.e 8190x2 signal which is in text[matrix] format...

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