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In a struct, how can you extract values for a vector of fieldnames
Kevin's answer can be condensed to oneline of code using cellfun cellfun(@(x)(MyStruct.(x)),fieldnames(MyStruct)) You could ev...

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SimulationInput needs slx vs mdl file
After a lucky guess, I found that if I converted the *.mdl file to the newer *.slx file, then the code ran as intended. The do...

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SimulationInput needs slx vs mdl file
When trying to run an .mdl file as follows, I received the following error. >> in = Simulink.SimulationInput('myModel.mdl'); >...

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Can I use @subClass folder inside @superClass folders to create a class hierarchy?
*There is a way to have a class folder within a class folder!* The key is to have an intermediate folder that is neither a cl...

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