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Sandy Patel

NASA/MSFC/Optical Sciences Corp.

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Physicist/Engineer for NASA/MSFC,
Co-Author on,
Professional Interests: signal processing, physical modeling (turbo machinery), Astrophysics, GUI development, data acquisition and measurement instrumentation and calibration


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Simple question about Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search toolbox
There is nothing wrong with it. Yes, ga uses a stochastic search method so it is not uncommon to get different results that sat...

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How to find number of arrays in a structure filed ?
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If I have two plots on the same figure window, how do I use the Brush tool to highlight one data point and have the corresponding data point on the other plot highlighted in MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)?
If you are using the Matlab figure toolbar then you can just select the 'Link' button before selecting the 'Brush' button and it...

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