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lat long radius to XYZ
Hi @Ahmed Abdulla, From my perspective, Latitude and Longitude should be converted from degree to radians first, after that usi...

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Global wheat detection
Wheat detection, is used to estimate the density and size of wheat, farmers can use the data to assess health and maturity in th...

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Urban Sound Classification Using Deep Learning
In the example, I will demonstrate how we do sound classification using deep learning from extracting audio feature (spectrogram...

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Building Crypto Currency Prediction
This example will demonstrate how could we get crypto price though API of coinbase and build the predictive model.

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Removing invalid bounding boxes from datastore
Hi Kyke, Please check the bounding boxes whether it has '0' in coordinate. Due to MATLAB starts at '1' in the image, so that yo...

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How can I remove NaN values from a matrix?
You can try this way idx =isnan(Columns) Columns(idx,:) = []

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how can I solve to my problem
You could type mex -setup and then choose language C++ with C++ compiler is Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 (or the other version)

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