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How to use fitlm to force linear fit through zero?
That looks correct to me. I double checked by plotting the x and y values, and then the best fit line, and it goes through 0. Th...

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Looping through tables in my workspace, plotting them, and saving a picture of the plot.
I downloaded your mat file and tested your code and it works fine for me. I'm guessing the error occurs because of the first lin...

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Scatter Color Scale for Looping Script
One option would be to store those values into an array within the for loop, and then plot the arrays with a colormap of jet aft...

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calculate the normal for a plane passing through more than three points
Hi Alberto, If you think of the circular plane as a collection of points with coordinates (x, y, z), you can create a bunch of ...

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Can you create a CNN with two images as inputs and a 6x1 array as an output?
Hello, I am getting started on using MATLAB's Deep Network Designer, but I have not been able to find any applications that a...

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Why am I getting an unexpected output using pcregistericp?
Hello, I am hoping to use the function pcregistericp in my research, so I created a simple test to try to understand the code b...

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Find nonlinear function to optimize parameters
Hello, I'm trying to optimize a large dataset that contains 36 predictors and 1 response variable. To optimize, I am using fmin...

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