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Assignment question based on excel file I/O
function distance=get_distance(city_1,city_2) n=0;m=0; [value,name]=xlsread('Distances.xlsx'); for ii=1:size(name,2) if ...

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Write a function called max_sum that takes v, a row vector of numbers, and n, a positive integer as inputs. The function needs to find the n consecutive elements of v whose sum is the largest possible.
function [summa,index]=max_sum(v,n) len_v=length(v);summa=0;poss=[];ii=1;jj=n; if n>len_v summa=0; index=-1; re...

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caesar cyphor encryption problem .
Short code with use of Logical Indexing: function coded= caesar(string,shift) mod_str=string+shift; for i=1:length(mod_str) ...

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