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I am a budding engineer with a passion for understanding, sharing, and applying key engineering concepts in real life scenarios. I am passionate about the skies and the mysteries that lie yonder. My technical interests are in VLSI, embedded systems and system design, with keen interest of their application in the aerospace industry .


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How to plot a polynomial of which I have coefficient vector?
Config s=10 t=[-s:0.00001:s]; x=t; Parameters a=1 b=-6 c=11 d=-6 Equation fx=(a*(x.^3)) + (b*(x.^2)) + (c.*x) + d; sy...

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Rotating a coordinate with a rotation matrix
Rotation Matrix acting on a Vector Parameters Theta holds the angle to be rotated by, vector is the initial vector. vector=...

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caesar cyphor encryption problem .
%% CAESAR's SIPHER % CAESAR(message,code): Message is the message to be encripted % CODE represents the ASCII shift % Wrappin...

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