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I am currently trying to plot shapes (closed polygons) on scatter plot. The shapes are basically boundary points of different objects retrieved from the image so each shape has data points with scale of corresponding image. The scatter plot has completely different scale (e.g X= -3 to 1.5 Y=-2 to 6) while shapes are from images (e.g 346 x 346). Each shape has corresponding dot on the scatter plot, what i want to do is to plot the shapes on the corresponding scatter point keeping the scale of the orginal scatter plot ,ofcourse somehow rescaling the data points of the shapes i believe.
Please help me i am really stuck and need someone to help me.

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imaqtool does not see webcam!
Hi, My usb camera works fine with amcap and also with matlab on another computer but when used on this computer, it only work...

oltre 8 anni ago | 5 answers | 0