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CNN for regression with imageDatastore
You can create a combined datastore to hold the images and scalar distances and pass this into the training routine for the CNN ...

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Which kind of input does a CNN for regression need?
The input layer to the CNN that processes images, whether you are performing a regression or classification problem on those ima...

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How to save the best model during neural network training?
You can choose to return the network with the optimal validation accuracy by specifying the 'OutputNetwork' name-value argument ...

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CNN overfits when trained too long on low dataset
As you mentioned, this looks like an overfitting problem. Terminating the training early is one way that you can avoid overfitti...

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pixel label image must have 3 channels when RGB triplet pixel label IDs are specified
This error is being thrown because of the second argument being passed to pixelLabelImageSource, pxdsTrain, which is of type Ima...

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Deep neural network concatenation dimension error
The error being thrown is owing to 'CBT' format leaving the convolution1dLayer and 'CB' leaving the featureInputLayer. This disa...

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Integrate 1-D maxpoolinglayer neuronal Network convolution1dLayer
The maxPooling1dLayer can change the length of the sequences owing to the stride and padding. This means that when training, you...

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Count objects found by the neural network
A good place to start with detecting objects in images using a neural network is through using an object detector network archit...

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