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How to parse file name text and save values to variables
str = 'HW_Azcut_y-plane_100-500MHz_V-Vp'; strPart = split(str,"_"); idxCut = contains(strPart,'cut'); strCut = erase(strPar...

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Aligning center of bicone antenna and reflector in Antenna Toolbox
Hi Tim, A reflector function does not allow user to translate postiions of reflector and exciter. But you can still create a bi...

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Antenna toolbox circular array amplitude taper size error
Hi Jeffrey, I observed the same issue when providing the name-value pairs of Element, AmplitudeTaper and PhaseShift as a vector...

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How to find location of a matrix array by array.
Hi Ratchanon, This page describes that find function is able to ouput the row and column indices if you set two output argument...

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