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Previously finished a bachelor mechanical engineering and currently doing a master Systems and Control at the Eindhoven University of Technology.


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Improve the accuracy/convergence of dlyap
I was playing a little with solving the discrete Lyapunov equation (A * X * A' - X + Q = 0) myself when I came across <https://m...

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Arrow on Nyquist plot
Assuming a rational transfer function with real coefficients, then this can be done by inputting the complex conjugate of the or...

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Mean of many changing "for loop" 3D matrices
If you have your matrices all stored in one (four dimensional) matrix, for example |M(:,:,:,k)| would return the kth 3D matrix, ...

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Extracting the coefficient of a polynomials matrix
You could differentiate and evaluate |P| at |x=0|, so P0 = subs(P, x, 0); P1 = subs(diff(P), x, 0); P2 = subs(diff(P,...

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Once I have located the peaks of a spectrum, how do I determine the uncertainty of their postion?
I think you can only determine uncertainty of something if you have multiple measurements of it (the more the better). If you on...

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Riccati solution using obsvf and dare
Are you sure you are trying to solve the right equation? Because DARE gives a solution for a LQR (linear quadratic regulator) de...

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Control strategies for low frequency disturbance rejection
Depending on whether you are dealing with input or output disturbance, then you either want to minimize the process sensitivity ...

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3d plot using matlab
As mentioned by Walter Roberson, you could use the function waterfall, however after testing a bit myself I found that it is a l...

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How do i use LQR control in state space form?
Both 'W' and 'U' are inputs to your system, however I assume that you will not be able to influence 'U', so it can be considered...

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ODE suite for solving switched systems
One way of doing this is by adding the two solution, but multiply the one that is inactive by zero, dX = ((sw(k) == 0 && X(...

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How to sum up different values of a matrix?
You can reshape the matrix such that it MATLAB only calculates the cumsum of the appropriate values: B = cumsum(reshape(A, ...

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Legend- if plot is empty?
I ran into a similar problem when using contour plots, which can also be empty. The solution I came up with is: clear al...

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