Reference Architecture

MATLAB Integration for Jupyter

Access the MATLAB desktop directly from Jupyter

MATLAB® Integration (for Jupyter®) enables you to access the MATLAB desktop through a web browser using Jupyter. You can integrate MATLAB with an existing JupyterHub deployment, single user Jupyter Notebook Server, and many other Jupyter-based provisioning systems running in the cloud or on-premises. You can open MATLAB from the Jupyter interface to directly work in MATLAB without leaving your web browser.

Open the MATLAB desktop directly from your Jupyter environment.

For IT Admins: Integrate MATLAB into your Jupyter environment

Provide end-users access to MATLAB using existing Jupyter infrastructure

The integration can be used with JupyterHub and many other Jupyter-based environments running on-premises or in the cloud.

Provide end-users access to MATLAB using existing Jupyter infrastructure.   

For MATLAB Users: Access the MATLAB desktop from Jupyter

Use MATLAB alongside other tools

Open MATLAB directly in your web browser to work alongside other tools.

Co-locate MATLAB with your data

Directly analyze datasets available in your Jupyter environment using MATLAB

Co-locate MATLAB with your data.   

Use your existing MATLAB licenses

Once installed, you can use existing MATLAB licenses to work with MATLAB in Jupyter