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Fixed-Wing Aircraft Creation with Functions

Quickly create fixed-wing aircraft using fixed-wing functions

Quickly create fixed-wing aircraft using the fixedWingAircraft function and its supporting functions. Then, use fully realized fixed-wing solutions for aircraft analysis, including static stability and linearization.


fixedWingAircraftCreate fixed-wing aircraft (Since R2021b)
fixedWingStateDefine fixed-wing aircraft state (Since R2021b)
fixedWingCoefficientDefine numeric coefficients of fixed-wing aircraft (Since R2021b)
fixedWingSurfaceDefine aerodynamic or control surface on fixed-wing aircraft (Since R2021b)
fixedWingThrustDefine thrust vector on fixed-wing aircraft (Since R2021b)
aircraftEnvironmentCreate aircraft environment (Since R2021b)
aircraftPropertiesCreate properties to define and manage aircraft (Since R2021b)