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Get default values of tunable properties

Since R2023b



s = defaultTunableParameters(aiant) returns the default values of the tunable properties of AIAntenna object. The default values correspond to the antenna design for the initial design frequency used to create the AIAntenna.


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This example shows how to view the default values for the tunable parameters of an AIAntenna object.

Create AI-based Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna

Create an AI-based circular microstrip patch antenna at 1GHz. Set its radius to 0.08m and height to 0.008939m.

Calculate the resonant frequency of this antenna.

pAI = design(patchMicrostripCircular,1e9,ForAI=true);
pAI.Radius = 0.08;
pAI.Height = 0.008939;
ans = 1.0000e+09

View Default Values of Tunable Properties

View the default values for the radius and height of the original circular microstrip patch designed at 1GHz.

d = defaultTunableParameters(pAI)
d = struct with fields:
    Radius: 0.0814
    Height: 0.0084

Input Arguments

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AI-based antenna, specified as an AIAntenna object created using the design function.

Example: design(patchMicrostripCircular,1e9,ForAI=true)

Output Arguments

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Default values of tunable properties at initial design frequency, returned as a structure.

Data Types: struct

Version History

Introduced in R2023b