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Continuous-Discrete Conversion

Model discretization, discrete to continuous time conversion, resampling

Control System Toolbox™ has commands for resampling dynamic system models or converting them between the continuous-time and discrete-time domains.

Live Editor Tasks

Convert Model RateConvert models between continuous time and discrete time and resample models in the Live Editor


c2dConvert model from continuous to discrete time
d2cConvert model from discrete to continuous time
d2dResample discrete-time model
upsampleUpsample discrete-time models
c2dOptionsCreate option set for continuous- to discrete-time conversions
d2cOptionsCreate option set for discrete- to continuous-time conversions
d2dOptionsCreate option set for discrete-time resampling


Discretizing and Resampling Models

This example shows how to use the commands for continuous/discrete, discrete/continuous, and discrete/discrete conversions.

Discretize a Compensator

This example shows how to convert a compensator from continuous to discrete time using several discretization methods, to identify a method that yields a good match in the frequency domain.

Discretizing a Notch Filter

This example shows the comparison of several techniques for discretizing a notch filter.

Improve Accuracy of Discretized System with Time Delay

This example shows how to improve the frequency-domain accuracy of a system with a time delay that is a fractional multiple of the sample time.

Convert Discrete-Time System to Continuous Time

This example shows how to convert a discrete-time system to continuous time using d2c, and compare the results using two different interpolation methods.

Continuous-Discrete Conversion Methods

Choose discretization and interpolation methods for converting between continuous and discrete models.

Upsample Discrete-Time System

This example shows how to upsample a system using both the d2d and upsample commands and compare the results of both to the original system.

Choosing a Resampling Command

Use resampling commands to change the sample time of a discrete-time system.