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Analog Devices ADALM1000 Limitations

The following restrictions and limitations apply when programming the Analog Devices® ADALM1000. Some are restrictions of the hardware, some are restrictions imposed by Data Acquisition Toolbox™.

  • For clocked (non-single-scan) operations, only the following are supported:

    • Foreground — Finite source, measurement, and simultaneous source and measurement

    • Background — Continuous measurement (No source or any finite operations)

  • You cannot simultaneously source and measure voltage on the same channel, nor simultaneously source and measure current on the same channel.

  • You cannot measure current without generating an output voltage.

  • You cannot execute a single-scan operation that performs both source and measurement simultaneously.

  • You cannot add channels from multiple ADALM1000 modules in the same DataAcquisition object. To recover from attempting this, you might need to execute daqreset.

  • You cannot use AC coupling, nor differential terminal configurations.

  • You cannot use triggers or digital pins.

  • When specified output ranges are exceeded, the device might reset itself. Any measurements taken during this time might be unreliable until the reset is complete.

  • Analog Devices ADALM1000 devices are not supported in the Analog Output Generator app.