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Lidar Processing

Extend deep learning workflows for Lidar point cloud processing

Apply deep learning algorithms to process Lidar point cloud data by using Deep Learning Toolbox™ together with Lidar Toolbox™.


Lidar LabelerLabel ground truth data in lidar point clouds (Da R2020b)


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pointPillarsObjectDetectorPointPillars object detector (Da R2021b)
trainPointPillarsObjectDetectorTrain PointPillars object detector (Da R2021b)
detectDetect objects using PointPillars object detector (Da R2021b)
squeezesegv2Layers(Not recommended) Create SqueezeSegV2 segmentation network for organized lidar point cloud (Da R2020b)
pointnetplusLayers(Not recommended) Create PointNet++ segmentation network (Da R2021b)