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Simulink Blocks in DSP System Toolbox that Support SIMD Code Generation

When certain conditions are met, you can generate SIMD code from Simulink® blocks in DSP System Toolbox™ using these two approaches:

The following table contains a list of all Simulink blocks in DSP System Toolbox that support SIMD code generation. For more information on the conditions under which these blocks generate SIMD code, see the Extended Capabilities > C/C++ Code Generation sections in the corresponding reference pages.

Simulink blocksGenerate SIMD code using Intel® AVX2 code replacement libraryGenerate SIMD code using the Leverage target hardware instruction set extensions parameter
Arbitrary Response FilterNot supported
Analytic SignalNot supported
Bandpass FilterNot supported
Bandstop FilterNot supported
Complex Bandpass DecimatorNot supported
DC BlockerNot supported
Differentiator FilterNot supported
Digital Filter DesignNot supported
Discrete FIR Filter (Simulink)

Supports all Intel platforms

FIR Decimation

Supports all Intel platforms

FIR Halfband InterpolatorNot supported
FIR Interpolation

Supports all Intel platforms

Highpass FilterNot supported
Hilbert FilterNot supported
Inverse Sinc FilterNot supported
LMS Filter

Supports all Intel platforms

Lowpass FilterNot supported
Nyquist FilterNot supported
Sample-Rate ConverterNot supported
Variable Bandwidth FIR FilterNot supported

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