Data Type Conversion and Casting

How the software converts one data type to another

Data type conversion and casting refers to changing from one data type to another. Fixed-Point Designer™ lets you create and optimize data types that meet numerical accuracy requirements and target hardware constraints.


Parameter and Signal Conversions

Discusses the way the data types of parameters and signals are converted in Simulink® simulations

Conversions and Arithmetic Operations

Provides an example highlighting the way the data types are converted and arithmetic operations are performed on inputs and parameters in the Simulink software

Fixed-Point Arithmetic

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, casts, modulo and two’s complement arithmetic

Cast from Doubles to Fixed Point

Provides an example based on the fxpdemo_dbl2fix model, which highlights many of the key features of the Fixed-Point Designer software.

Display Port Data Types

The port display for fixed-point signals consists of three parts: the data type, the number of bits, and the scaling.

fi Objects and C Integer Data Types

Compares ANSI C integer data type ranges, conversions, and exception handling with those of fi objects

Cast fi Objects

Shows you how to cast fi objects

Featured Examples