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Replicate and concatenate bits of fi object


c = bitreplicate(a,n)


c = bitreplicate(a,n) concatenates the bits in fi object a n times and returns an unsigned fixed-point value. The word length of the output fi object c is equal to n times the word length of a and the fraction length of c is zero. The bit representation of the stored integer is in two's complement representation.

The input fi object can be signed or unsigned. bitreplicate concatenates signed and unsigned bits the same way.

bitreplicate only supports fi objects with fixed-point data types.

bitreplicate does not support inputs with complex data types.

Sign and scaling of the input fi object does not affect the result type and value.


The following example uses bitreplicate to replicate and concatenate the bits of fi object a.

a = fi(14,0,6,0);
a_binary = a.bin
c = bitreplicate(a,2);
c_binary = c.bin

MATLAB® returns the following:

a_binary =


c_binary =


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Version History

Introduced in R2008a