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Create copy of tracking scenario

Since R2020b



newScenario = clone(scenario) creates a copy of the trackingScenario scenario.


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Create a tracking scenario object.

scene = trackingScenario;

Create a copy of the scenario, scene.

newScene = clone(scene)
newScene = 
  trackingScenario with properties:

     IsEarthCentered: 0
          UpdateRate: 10
      SimulationTime: 0
            StopTime: Inf
    SimulationStatus: NotStarted
           Platforms: {}
      SurfaceManager: [1x1 fusion.scenario.SurfaceManager]

Input Arguments

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Tracking scenario, specified as a trackingScenario object.

Output Arguments

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Copy of tracking scenario, returned as a trackingScenario object.

Version History

Introduced in R2020b