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Code Generation and GPU Support

Generate C code, HDL code, and MEX functions, and run image processing code on a graphics processing unit (GPU)

After you develop your application using Image Processing Toolbox™, you can generate portable C source code, standalone executables, or standalone applications from your MATLAB® code. With code generation, you can:

  • Run image processing code on machines that do not have MATLAB installed.

  • Speed up processing while you work in MATLAB.

  • Implement hardware-friendly algorithms using a pixel-streaming interface.

Image Processing Toolbox also includes functions that can target execution of an algorithm on a GPU rather than on a CPU.


  • Code Generation
    Generate C code and MEX functions for toolbox functions
  • HDL Code Generation
    Generate HDL code for image processing algorithms using HDL Coder™ and hardware-friendly blocks from Vision HDL Toolbox™
  • GPU Computing
    Run image processing code on a graphics processing unit (GPU)