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Read metadata from DPX file



metadata = dpxinfo(filename) reads information about the image contained in the DPX file specified by filename. metadata is a structure containing the file details.

Digital Picture Exchange (DPX) is an ANSI standard file format commonly used for still-frame storage in digital intermediate post-production facilities and film labs.


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Read metadata from DPX file into the workspace.

m = dpxinfo('peppers.dpx')
m = struct with fields:
                     Filename: '/mathworks/devel/bat/filer/batfs1904-0/Bdoc24a.2528353/build/matlab/toolbox/images/imdata/peppers.dpx'
                  FileModDate: '16-Mar-2015 09:57:26'
                     FileSize: 892828
                       Format: 'DPX'
                FormatVersion: '2.0'
                        Width: 512
                       Height: 384
                     BitDepth: 36
                    ColorType: 'R,G,B'
              FormatSignature: [88 80 68 83]
                    ByteOrder: 'Little-endian'
                  Orientation: 'Left-to-right, Top-to-bottom'
        NumberOfImageElements: 1
                     DataSign: {'Unsigned'}
    AmplitudeTransferFunction: {'ITU-R 709-4'}
                  Colorimetry: {'ITU-R 709-4'}
             ChannelBitDepths: 12
                PackingMethod: 0
                     Encoding: {'None'}

Input Arguments

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Name of a DPX file, specified as a string scalar or character vector. filename can contain the absolute path to the file, the name of a file on the MATLAB path, or a relative path.

Data Types: char | string

Output Arguments

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Information about the DPX image data, returned as a structure.

Version History

Introduced in R2015b

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