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Delete function handle from callback list



iptremovecallback(obj,callback,ID) deletes the callback with identifier ID from the list of callbacks for graphics object obj.


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Add three callbacks to a figure and try them interactively. Whenever MATLAB® detects mouse motion over the figure, functions f1, f2, and f3 are called in that order.

h = figure;
f1 = @(varargin) disp("Callback 1");
f2 = @(varargin) disp("Callback 2");
f3 = @(varargin) disp("Callback 3");
id1 = iptaddcallback(h,'WindowButtonMotionFcn',f1);
id2 = iptaddcallback(h,'WindowButtonMotionFcn',f2);
id3 = iptaddcallback(h,'WindowButtonMotionFcn',f3);

Remove the callback f2. Move the mouse over the figure again. Whenever MATLAB detects mouse motion over the figure, only functions f1 and f3 are called.


Input Arguments

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Graphics object, specified as a handle to a figure, axes, uipanel, or image graphics objects.

Callback property of the graphics object obj, specified as a character vector. For a list of callbacks for graphics objects, see Figure Properties, Axes Properties, Panel Properties, and Image Properties.

Data Types: char

Callback identifier for function fun, specified as a positive integer. This identifier is returned by iptaddcallback when you add a function to the callback list.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a