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Shaded polygons


fillFilled 2-D polygons
fill3Filled 3-D polygons
patchPlot one or more filled polygonal regions
surf2patchConvert surface data to patch data


Patch PropertiesPatch appearance and behavior
Polygon PropertiesPolygon appearance and behavior


Introduction to Patch Objects

A patch graphics object is composed of one or more polygons that may or may not be connected. Patches are useful for modeling real-world objects and for drawing 2- or 3-D polygons.

Multifaceted Patches

This example shows how to define a 3-D patch object and illustrates flat and interpolated face coloring.

How Patch Data Relates to a Colormap

Control the relationship between patches and the colormap.

Differences Between Colormaps and Truecolor

Decide whether to use a colormap or truecolor in your visualizations.

Displaying Complex Three-Dimensional Objects

This example shows how to create and display a complex three dimensional object and control its appearance.