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Use import in MATLAB Functions

If you use the import command in a MATLAB® function, add the corresponding .NET assembly before calling the function. For example, the following function getPrinterInfo calls methods in the System.Drawing namespace.

function ptr = getPrinterInfo
import System.Drawing.Printing.*;
ptr = PrinterSettings;

To call the function, type:

printer = getPrinterInfo;

Do not add the command NET.addAssembly('System.Drawing') to the getPrinterInfo function. MATLAB processes the getPrinterInfo.m code before executing the NET.addAssembly command. In that case, PrinterSettings is not fully qualified and MATLAB does not recognize the name.

Likewise, the scope of the import command is limited to the getPrinterInfo function. At the command line, type:

ptr = PrinterSettings;
Undefined function or variable 'PrinterSettings'.

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