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Subclass Definition

Syntax and design of subclasses

Learn how to implement subclasses, call superclass methods from subclasses, and control what classes can derive from a superclass.


Class Diagram ViewerCreate diagrams to investigate class details and hierarchies


superclassesNames of superclasses


matlab.diagram.ClassViewerCreate class diagrams in Class Diagram Viewer tool
matlab.mixin.HeterogeneousSuperclass for heterogeneous array formation


Class Hierarchies

Hierarchies of Classes — Concepts

Organizing classes into hierarchies facilitates the reuse of code.

Designing Heterogeneous Class Hierarchies

Heterogeneous arrays can contain objects of different class, but all objects in the array must derive from a common superclass.

Creating Subclasses

Subclass Syntax

Specify superclasses on the classdef line after the class name.

Design Subclass Constructors

Specify superclasses on the classdef line in the class file.

Call Superclass Methods on Subclass Objects

Subclass methods can override inherited superclass methods. Subclass methods can call the superclass method that they override.

Control Sequence of Constructor Calls

Control the order in which MATLAB® constructs objects in class hierarchy.

Modify Inherited Methods

Subclasses can modify inherited methods.

Modify Inherited Properties

Subclasses can modify inherited properties that are abstract or private.

Subclassing Multiple Classes

Multiple inheritance can lead to conflicting definitions. All superclasses must be free of conflicts in definition.

Specify Allowed Subclasses

Classes can restrict the classes that can derive from it.

Handle Class Compatibility

Handle Compatible Classes

Enable both handle and value classes to derive from a specific class.

How to Define Handle-Compatible Classes

Handle compatible classes have applications for mixin and abstract superclasses.

Methods for Handle Compatible Classes

Handle compatible class methods must work with both handle and value objects.

Handle-Compatible Classes and Heterogeneous Arrays

Heterogeneous class hierarchies impose certain restrictions when classes are handle compatible.

Control Access to Class Members

Class Members Access

Determine what level of access is allowed for properties, methods, and events.