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Use Prebuilt MATLAB Interface to C++ Library

To call a function in a C++ library, use the MATLAB® clib package

If you have a published MATLAB interface to a C++ shared library, then you can use these classes and functions directly in MATLAB, passing data back and forth between MATLAB and C++.


clibArrayCreate MATLAB clib array for C++ library functions
clibConvertArrayConvert numeric MATLAB array to array of C++ objects
clibConfigurationChange execution mode of C++ library interface
CLibraryConfigurationC++ library interface environment information
clibIsNullDetermine if C++ object is null
clibIsReadOnlyDetermine if C++ object is read-only
clibReleaseRelease C++ object from MATLAB
underlyingValueUnderlying numeric value for C++ enumeration object created in MATLAB


Risoluzione dei problemi

Troubleshooting MATLAB Interface to C++ Library Issues

MATLAB searches for the library interface file on the MATLAB path.

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