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Share Code or Figures

Copy and Share Code

To share code, go to Command History History icon and then select the line of code you want to share. You can select multiple lines of code.

  • On iOS devices. Tap the Action button, , and then select Copy.

  • On Android devices. Tap the Copy icon, .

You can then paste the code into an email.

Share or Save Figures

To email a single figure, or to save it to the Photos application on your device, go to the Figures screen.

  • On iOS Devices.

    Tap the Action button on the current figure, , and then tap Email or Save to Photos. Selecting Email launches your email application and creates a message with the figure inserted.

  • On Android Devices.

    Tap the Share icon , or the Download icon .

    Tapping Share displays a list of apps to select. If you select your email app, MATLAB® Mobile™ creates a message with the figure as an attachment.

When downloading, MATLAB Mobile might first prompt you to allow MATLAB to access photos, media, and files on your device. Grant permission to save the figures to the Photos app.

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