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Creating and Deleting Figures

When you issue a command on your device that creates or updates figures, MATLAB® Mobile™ displays a thumbnail for each figure window in the History (History icon) screen and a larger preview in the Figures (Figures icon) screen. You can also view thumbnails in the Command Window. Select the thumbnail or preview to interact with the complete figure.

To close figures, select Close Figure from the top right menu in the Figures view or use the close command.

Live Figures

When you zoom and pan figures, the application updates the figure from the Cloud.

Viewing Data Point Values

When viewing figures, you can enable or disable data cursor mode. When enabled, the data cursor displays x, y, or z (where appropriate) values for a single data point on a figure.

To enable and disable data cursor mode:

  1. In Figures, open a figure.

  2. Tap Show Data Cursor at the top of the screen. Tap Hide Data Cursor to disable data cursor mode.

To display values for a data point, drag the cross hairs to a specific point on the figure or move the figure by zooming and panning. The application retrieves the values and displays them.

Notes and Limitations

  • If you call a script or function that updates the same figure window more than once during its execution, the application retrieves only the last update.

  • If more than 10 figure windows are open, each command that you enter on your device returns a warning until you close the extra figures. To close figures, use the close command, for example, close(n) or close('all').

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