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Class: nav.StatePropagator
Package: nav

Estimate cost of propagating to target state

Since R2021b


h = distance(q1,q2)


h = distance(q1,q2) estimates the cost of propagating from an initial set of states q1 to final states q2. Each row in q1 and q2 represents a specific state in the system and the number of columns matches the number of state variables. The function outputs an n-element vector h for each q1-q2 pair.

Input Arguments

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Initial states, specified as an n-by-s matrix.

Final states, specified as an n-by-s matrix.

Output Arguments

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Cost values, returned as an n-element vector, where n is the number of q1-q2 pairs.

Cost values returned by this function are typically used to find the nearest neighbor for sampled target states when planning.



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Version History

Introduced in R2021b