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Cuboid Scenario Simulation

Scenarios with static meshes, robot platforms, sensors

Create and simulate low-fidelity scenarios using the robotScenario object and sensor models such as GPS and lidar to test your robotics algorithms.


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rateControlExecute loop at fixed frequency
statisticsStatistics of past execution periods
waitforPause code execution to achieve desired execution rate
resetReset Rate object
robotScenarioGenerate robot simulation scenario (Since R2022a)
robotPlatformCreate robot platform in scenario (Since R2022a)
robotSensorSensor for robot scenario (Since R2022a)
extendedObjectMeshMesh representation of extended object (Since R2022a)
pointCloudObject for storing 3-D point cloud (Since R2022a)
gpsSensorGPS receiver simulation model (Since R2022a)
insSensorInertial navigation system and GNSS/GPS simulation model (Since R2022a)
robotLidarPointCloudGeneratorGenerate point cloud from meshes (Since R2022a)
createCustomRobotSensorTemplateCreate sample implementation for robot custom sensor interface (Since R2022b)
robotics.SensorAdaptorCustom robot sensor interface (Since R2022b)
transformTreeDefine coordinate frames and relative transformations (Since R2022a)
getGraphGraph object representing tree structure (Since R2022a)
getTransformGet relative transform between frames (Since R2022a)
infoList all frame names and stored timestamps (Since R2022a)
removeTransformRemove frame transform relative to its parent (Since R2022a)
showShow transform tree (Since R2022a)
updateTransformUpdate frame transform relative to its parent (Since R2022a)