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Create Lists of Figures, Tables, or Other Report Elements in DOM API Reports

To create a list of figures in a DOM report, use an mlreportgen.dom.LOF object. To create a list of tables, use an mlreportgen.dom.LOT object. For a list of other types of report elements, such as equations, use an mlreportgen.dom.LOC object.

To use a DOM LOF, LOT, or LOC object, you must create a paragraph for the caption or title of the image, table, or other report element. Then, associate the paragraph with an automatic numbering stream name that matches the automatic numbering stream name of the LOF, LOT, or LOC object. For more information and examples, see the mlreportgen.dom.LOF, mlreportgen.dom.LOT, and mlreportgen.dom.LOC reference pages.

Although you can also use a DOM LOF, LOT, or LOC object in a Report API report, it is easier to use a Report API,, or object.

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